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Muhammad Bekzhanov - Uzbekistan Released 22 Feb 2017

Bov Sophea - Cambodia Released was an Urgent Action case, 22 Sept 2016
Thongpaseuth Keuakoun and Seng-Aloun Phengphanh - Laos Released March 2016
Omid Kokabee - Iran Released -Parole and able to leave the country, 29 August 2016
Omid Kokabee - Iran Temporary Medical Leave 25 May 2016
Unity Five - Myanmar Released 17 April 2016

Filep Karma--Indonesia Released 19 November 2105
Shaker Aamer - Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility Released, 30 October 2015
Stop Torture: Chicago Repatration for Police Torture #RamRepNow, signed 6 May 2015
Dr Tun Aung - Myanmar Released, 19 January 2015

5 Unity Journalists - Myanmar Reduced sentences from 10 years to 7 years; we continue to call for immediate & unconditional release
Nguyen TienTrung - Vietnam, Released
Ales Bialiaski - Belarus Released, 21 June 2014
Dhondup Wangchen - Tibet Released 5 June 2014
Dr Tun Aung - Myanmar, 17 year sentence reduced to 1 year + 1 month, June 2014
Seng-Aloun Phengphanh and Thongpaseuth Keuakoun - Laos remaining sentence reduced to 2 yrs + 7 months, May 2014

Ales Bialiatski - Belarus, Awarded the Václav Havel Human Rights Award on 1 October 2013 
Nasrin Sotoudeh - Iran, Released, 18 September 2013 
Shi Tao - China, Released, 23 August 2013
Ales Bialiatski - Belarus. On 7 August he received his first food parcel in almost 8 months, and on 21 August he was able to have a two-hour meeting with his wife and sister 21 Aug 2013.
Nasrin Sotoudeh - Iran, was granted a 4-day leave from Evin Prison on 23 June 2013.
Asma Ahmed, Sudan, Released, 14 June 2013
Ahmad Zeidabadi - Iran, was granted medical leave on 22 January 2013,
was returned to Raja'i Shahr Prison in Karaj on 27 May 2013
Crossett Ark Update:  2.30 minute trailer to new documentary coming Sept 2013
Crossett - "Breathless" Local TV station KNOE does 3 part series
"Killing Crossett" photos by Nickolaus Czarnecki (click on Killing Crossett)
Nasrin Sotoudeh - Iran, 3-day, temporary furlough; returned to prison 21 Jan 2013;
2nd temporary leave from prison granted 20-26 March 2013
Jigme Gyatso - Tibet, Released 1 April 2013
Ahmad Zeidabadi - Iran, 22 January 2013 granted temporary leave
from prison; suffering severe lung condition.
Bouavanh Chanhmanivong - Laos Released January 2013

Ko Aye Aung - Myamar Released 3 July 2012
Death Penalty Abolished in Connecticut, 25 April, 2012
Cooper & Tire Lockout -- OH, USA Union approves agreement 27 February 2012
Myo Min Zaw -- Myanmar, Released 13 January 2012
Mie Mie (Mee Mee) -- Myanmar, Released 13 January 2012
Ktay Kywe -- Myanmar, Released 13 January 2012

Zaw Hteh Ko Ko -- Myanmar, Released 12 October 2011
Nasrin Sotudeh -- Iran, upon appeal her prison sentence was reduced from 11 to 6 years and the ban on her practicing law was reduced frm 20 to 0 years, September 2011
Emadeddin Baghi -- Iran, Released 20  June 2011
Hengameh Shahidi -- Iran, temporary medical forlough, 20 June 2011
Mansour Ossanlu -- Iran, conditional Release, 2 June 2011
Zayar Thaw -- Myanmar, Released 18  May 2011
Doan Van Dien -- Vietnam, Released  May 2011
Death Penalty Abolished in Illinois,  March 9, 2011

Aung San Suu Kyi--Burma / Myanmar, Released from house arrest 13 November 2010
Ra�l Hern�ndez--Mexico, Released 31 August 2010
Mohammed Odaini--Guantanamo Bay, Released to Yemen, 13 July 2010
J.S. Tissainayagam--Sri Lanka, Prisoner of Conscience, pardoned announced by President Rajapaksa, 3 May 2010
J.S. Tissainayagam--Sri Lanka, granted bail, court accepted his bail application, 11 January 2010

Fouad Mahmoud Al-Rabiahm--Guantanamo Bay, transferred to the control of the government of Kuwait, 9 December 2009
Fouad Mahmoud Al-Rabiahm--Guantanamo Bay,  US District Court Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly  granted his habeas corpus petition, ordering the US government "take all necessary and appropriate diplomatic steps� to arrange his release �forthwith.� 17 September 2009
Khaing Kaung San--Burma/Myanmar,  sentenced in 2001 to 10 for his work in support of the Arakanese minority, was in Thayet Prison, released 20 September 2009.
Abdolfattah Soltani--Iran, Human Rights Lawyer, released on bail, 1 September 2009
Troy Davis--USA death row, Georga, US Supreme Court grants request for trial, 17 August 2009
Laura Ling and Euna Lee--US journalists in prison in North Korea, released 4 August 2009
Mohamed el-Gharani --Guantanamo Bay, released to the country of Chad, 11 June 2009
Ma Khin Khin Leh--Burma / Myanmar, school teacher and mother arrested July 1999, sentenced to life in prison for planning a peaceful protest, released 21 February 2009
Mohamed el Gharani--Guantanamo Bay, Judge rules he should be released, 14 January 2009

U Win Tin-- Burma/Myanmar, released September 2008 
Dr. Than Nyein--Burma/Myanmar, released September 2008
Bu Dongwei--China, released summer 2008
Troy Davis--Atlanta, GA, USA, execution stayed while US Supreme Court decides if it will hear his case
Child Soldiers--Burma/Myanmar, 2008 Child Soliders Global Report
Said Abdulkadir, Yosuf Mohamed Ali, and Medhanie Haile --Eritrea, independent journalists held w/o charge or trail since September 2001, reportedly died in prison, February 2008

Thet Naung Soe --Burma/Myanmar, student sentenced to 14 years in jail for staging a solo protest outside Rangoon's City Hall in 2002, released per The West Australia, 16 November 2007
Troy Davis--Death Row GA, USA,  After considering the request from the attorneys representing inmate Troy Anthony Davis, the GA State Board of Pardons and Paroles voted to grant a stay not to exceed 90 days, for the purpose of evaluating and analyzing the evidence provided during the Board appointment, July 16, 2007  
Child Soldiers--Burma/Myanmar, The Burmese government has agreed to appoint a high level "focal point" from the Ministry of Social Welfare to engage with the UN Country Team, especially the UNICEF, on all issues related to children and armed conflict (use of child soldiers).  However, much will depend on Burma's follow up to this meeting, 29 June 2007
Scott Panetti--DeathRow TX, USA, The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday blocked the execution of a Mr. Panetti whose lawyers argued that he should not be put to death because he is mentally ill, 28 June 2007 
Mohamed el Gharani--Guantanamo Bay, Cuba/USA, received a letter signed by Rear Admiral, US Navy, Commander of Joint Task Force, from Department of Defense, Headquarters Joint Task Force, US Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.   Letter states prisoners at Guantanamo are held as enemy combatants, not criminals.  Thus, they are not being held as a form of punishment.  Mohamed tried to commit suicide twice in 2006.  He as been in custody since he was 15 (now over 18) and was one of the first transferred to Guantanamo Bay, April 2007
Scott Panetti--Death Row, TX, USA, Scott's case is heard before the USA Supreme Court. April 2007

Colonel Avdo Palic--Bosnia, The Republika Srpska has not fulfilled its promise to carry out the exhumation.  See new action.  December 2006
Night Commuters--Uganda, Ceasefire agreement extended and UNICEF reported 3,664 night commuters per night in Gulu District during August 2006, down from 22,000 per night at the height of the conflict.  More information at:  BBC 18 December 2006 and USAID Uganda report 15 September 2006
Darfur - Sudan-- United Nations Security Council 5519th Meeting passed Resolution S/RES/1706 authorizing a UN peace keeping operation in Darfur, 31 August 2006
Helen Berhane--Eritrea, gospel singer and member of a minority Christian church, released late October 2006
Thet Win Aung--Burma/Myanmar, 34-year old student leader, died in Mandalay prison, 16 October 2006
Colonel Avdo Palic--Bosnia, report received details the fate and reveals the location of the mortal remains.  No further action is needed at this time, 21 April 2006
Father Amha-Yesus Gebre-Yohannes--Ethiopia, was sentenced to 17 years in prison and which circumstances of his arrest were never quite clear, released January 2006
Colonel Avdo Palic--Bosnia, the Commission for Human Rights of Bosnia and Herzegovina confirmed on 7 September 2005 that Mrs Palic's appeal to re-examine the enforcement of the 2001 Human Rights Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina decision to investigate her husband's disappearance was justified and that the Chamber's decision had not been implemented.

Yury Bandazhevsky--academic, Belarus, outspoken critic of the authorities' response to the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, released conditionally 05 August 2005
Lotfi Ferhati--Tunisia, arrested for allegedly having ties to an unauthorized Islamic group, released 22 July 2005.
Ma Than Htay and Ma Tin Tin Oo--Burma/Myanmar, Buddhist nuns, released 06 July 2005
U Sein Hla Oo-- Burma/Myanmar, journalist, released 06 July 2005
STOP TORTURE/War on Terror prisons--US, 05 May 2005 received letter form The White House Acting Director of Presidential Correspondence stating, among other things, "The President has repeatedly affirmed that he does not condone torture in any circumstances, and he has also directed our military personnel to treat all detainees in their custody humanely." We continue to use the Stop Torture action.
Rebiya Kadeer--China, business woman, released 17 February 2005
Tenzin Deleg Rinpoche--Tibet, Buddhist monk, death sentence commuted to life in prison 26 January 2005; write for a new and fair trial.
Zaw Thet Htwe--Burma/Myanmar, editor, released 03 January 2005

Min Ko Naing--Burma/Myanmar, student democracy leader, sentence expired 1999, was released 19 November 2004
Leyal Zana--Turkey, parliment member, released conditionally 09 June 2004
Rebiya Kadeer--China, sentence reduced 12 months; new release date of August 2006. (From BBC News 03 March 2004, Director of Dui Hua Foundation)
Phuntsog Nyidron--Tibet, Buddhist nun, released 24 February 2004; one year early
Scott Panetti--TX USA, received an 11th hour STAY of EXECUTION; execution date was 05 February 2004.

Dr. Salai Tun Than--Burma/Myanmar, retired acedemic who petitioned for multiparty eletcions in Burma, released 04 May 2003
Grigory Pakso -- Russia, released 23 January 2003, received 24,000 letters for 89 different countries
Ngawang Sangdrol--Tibet, Buddhist nun, released 17 October 2002. Her scheduled release date was 03 November 2011

CEDAW, Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women, voted 12-7 to be moved out of committee, 30 July 2002.
US Ratification of the Optional Protocol on the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child (will abolish the use of child soldiers around the world)--US senate by unanimous consent voted to support ratification, 12 June 2002. The US offically signed this Optional Protocol on The Rights of the Child 23 December 2002
Dr. Taye Wolde-Semayat--Ethiopia, teacher, released 14 May 2002
Brig. Gen. Jose Francisco Gallardo Rodriguez--Mexico, released 07 February 2002
Colonel Avdo Palic--Bosnia, received more information in February 2002; continue to feature his case.

Rodolfo Montiel Flores & Teodoro Cabrera Garcia--Mexico, farmers/environmentalists, released November 2001
Aant Bgwe Kyaw--Burma/Myanmar, released fall 2001
Phuntsog Nyidron--Tibetan nun, sentence reduced 18 months; release date now 2006.
Nizar Nayyuf--Syria, released 6 May 2001